Heather Glori

(On Sabbatical)

A brilliant musician trained in Voice, Trumpet and Piano; brings a presence to music which – through her – allows the composition to organically take form effortlessly as water flows through a stream, never giving way to the strength of the current but simply illustrating the beauty of nature: Heather Glori allows the flow of music to beam from her purely as music should be heard. 

Growing up in Vancouver, British Columbia she started to play trumpet at the age of ten. Displaying natural ability, Heather continued her passion for music through high school with a number of achievements ranging from concert band/choir of all genres’s including vocals along with excelling in music composition. With no end in sight, her high school years afforded her the opportunity to travel and performed in various venues including Disneyland, sea cadets and band competitions.  

Being multi-talented, Heather saw a career in Law Enforcement and with no surprise, excelled triumphantly, she graduated Wilfrid Laurier University with a Bachelors of Arts in Geography and Sociology, and proceeded to achieve all the requirements plus some to serve as a Police Officer for the Waterloo Regional Police, from which she served courageously for 13 years.  

Never losing her musical desire she continued her studies through the Royal Conservatory. Realizing the potential of having her lifelong passion for music coming true, she switched her focus and resigned from policing in July 2015 and within that same year, opened her own private studio in Carlisle, Ontario; teaching voice, trumpet and piano. Heather is also a qualified teacher in the preschool-age program 

A firm believer that education is forever, Heather is a student at Redeemer University completing her Bachelor of Education. On a personal note, Heather would like to acknowledge what an honour and privilege it is to be working with a close and dear friend of many years, Chris Cigolea sharing their love of music; and hopefully soon being able to pass on their passion to young and eager musicians of the future.